Thursday, April 23, 2009

Habits and other stuff

I, of course, dove right in without reading all of the instructions. This may be why my complexion is chronically green in hue. I do not think we were asked to post our 7 1/2 habits self-realizationing, but, I want to... I work constantly to view problems as challenges. I find it helpful to consider an old fault rearing its less than lovely head as another opportunity to hopefully get a handle on a better coping skill in that area of my life.


  1. Changing our perception can be difficult but very enlightening! Hope you enjoyed the workshop today; I thought the presenter was good.

  2. Claudia:
    Cute blog and cute photo of yourself (just kiddin') I, too, love your little widget-y thingy on the side, I will try to get it for myself!
    And, I took note of your comment about my less than lovely photo - I'm thinking about re-doing it but i need to do it at home as the one you see is the only photo of me at work.